My Outer Space

Contest Winners

Many thanks to all participants and voters for making the Myouterspace Contest such a success!

Here are the 10 contest finalists, including the top 2 winners and a Special Jury Award, starting with the highest ratings. Surprise, Surprise! The Myouterspace and Toon Boom Jury has decided to grant a Special Jury Mention to one finalist! All 10 finalists receive one copy of Toon Boom Animate Pro.


A Shat-tastic Short by Jeremy Appleman

A Shat-tastic Short

Final Rating: 3.57

Space Trouble by Cristina Zoica Dumitru

Space Trouble

Final Rating: 3.2

Special Mention

The Trouble with Shatners by Peter Ryan

The Trouble with Shatners

Final Rating: 2.59


Green Gas by Wayne Van Blarcom

Green Gas

Wayne Van Blarcom
Me Myself & Shatner by Kjartan Daníel Haraldsson

Me Myself & Shatner

Kjartan Daníel Haraldsson
My Outer Space Dilemma by Jezreel Carlos

My Outer Space Dilemma

Jezreel Carlos
Walk and Talk by Christien Clegg

Walk and Talk

Christien Clegg
Welcome by Kiat Guan


Kiat Guan
What Goes Around Comes Around by Shirhan Manan

What Goes Around Comes Around

Shirhan Manan
Wrong Place by Patrice Blais

Wrong Place

Patrice Blais