Animated Winter Wonderland

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Toon Boom Animation Inc. and the Quebec Leading English Education and Resource Network (hereafter known as Toon Boom and LEARN) include its successors, licensees, assignees, directors and employees under these terms and conditions. The Content refers to all written, animated and/or audio visual elements and ideas offered or submitted to the Contest including but not limited to project synopsis, outlines, biographies, videos, software, designs, likenesses, artwork, images, music, and information, tangible and intangible, including derivative works, on all media and formats, existing or future. A selection of the submitted Content will be made available for public viewing during and after the period of the "Animated Winter Wonderland Contest" to promote it and potential subsequent versions of the Contest.

Applications require providing personal information. All parents of participating students will need to sign the Application Form provided in Item 4 of the Rules and fax it back duly completed to LEARN for the student’s entry to be considered. Your personal information must be complete, accurate, and YOURS. Any private information and/or data relating to your participation in the Contest or your uploaded submission content that you are asked to supply or that you supply voluntarily as part of the submission process will only be used by Toon Boom and LEARN as part of the process of administering and promoting the Contest. As part of the application process, you will be asked to ACCEPT these terms of use. On doing so, you will be deemed to have consented to these terms of use as well as The Contest Rules and Regulations, and you will be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Toon Boom and LEARN may at their sole discretion disclose any submitted content to the police, regulatory bodies or any legal advisers in connection with any suspected or alleged criminal activity of offense or suspected breach of these Terms and Conditions, including by not limited to any claim of infringement by you or otherwise where required by law.

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